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The Anonymous Christian As Described By Karl Rahner Religion Essay Essay Example

The Anonymous Christian As Described By Karl Rahner Religion Essay Paper I would wish to initially begin by giving a short existence of Karl Rahner as depicted by the Karl Rahner Society. He was conceived in Freiburg, Germany, on March 5, 1904 and kicked the bucket in Innsbruck, Austria, on March 30, 1984. He entered the Jesuit request in 1922 and he was one of the most compelling theologists in the Vatican II age. His papers secured a wide extent of subjects ; a large portion of these issues were what concerned the Catholics from the 1940 s to the 1980 s. His papers gave numerous assets to both scholastic and peaceful godlikeness. He was fairly well known in his local German-talking states through his guidance, addresses, publication works and rank in intelligent social orders. He was distributed in worldwide distributions like Concilium. He had a major collection of plants 1651 distributions ( 4744 including reissues and interlingual interpretations ) ; He other than delighted in a positive reaction of his parts by numerous Protestant personalities. Rahner s impact turned out to be progressively evident after his administration as an authority missional philosophical master from1960 to 1965 preceding and during the Second Vatican Council. We will compose a custom paper test on The Anonymous Christian As Described By Karl Rahner Religion Essay explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on The Anonymous Christian As Described By Karl Rahner Religion Essay explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on The Anonymous Christian As Described By Karl Rahner Religion Essay explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer To see how Rahner shows up at his develop of the anon. Christian, it is of import to comprehend the balance of contemplations of Rahner. He was enormously affected by Immanuel Kant, Heidegger, and the Belgian Jesuit Joseph Marechal. The balance of Rahner s thoughts originates from a dream of the universe being a significant nation of God s self-correspondence. Rahner s initial two books were Spirit in the World and Hearer of the Word. Rahner s place, as written in his expositions, was significantly established in the Ignation way of thought, accepting that God is no matter what, sacrosanct devotion, and devotedness to Jesus and the Catholic way of thinking. Rahner addresses the anon. Christian in a meeting gave to Rev. Norman Wong Cheong Sau in an article named Karl Rahner s Concepts of the Anonymous Christian an Inclusivist View of Religions, he gave his own meaning of anon. Christian to Rev. Sau questioner: We lean toward the terminology orchestrating to which that a grown-up male is called an unknown Christian who on the one manus has true acknowledged of his opportunity this generous self-offering on God s partition through religion, expectation, and love, while on the other he is impeccably non yet a Christian at the cultural degree ( through submersion and rank of the Church ) or in the feeling of holding intentionally typified his Christian religion to himself in his ain head ( by unequivocal Christian religion resulting from holding noticed to the communicated message ) . We may subsequently, put it as follows: the unknown Christian in our feeling of the term is the rapscallion after the start of the Christian crucial, lives in the area of Christ s beauty through religion, expectation, and love, yet who has no communicated insight of the way that his life is orientated in elegance offered recovery to Jesus Christ. A non-mysterious Christian for lack of a superior term or a pronounced Christian is individual who has acknowledged Christ and lives with the beauty of God s elegance, love, expectation and misgiving. This individual announces himself a Christian, was purified through water and lives by God s Torahs. Rahner bases his confidence in the anon. Christian as individual who carries on with a Christian way of life however has non yet proclaimed himself a genuine Christian. By pronouncing oneself a genuine Christian, orchestrating to Rahner, you should be purified through water, go to mass and ask in the conventional normalized way. This of class, incorporates life by God s Torahs and life in a Christ like mode. This individual proclaims themselves a Christian in each way, the way they talk, the way they ask and their exculpation from unique mischievousness. A decent outline of the pronounced Christian would be Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa recognized that she lived in the Grace of God and adhered to his words and directions. She acknowledged Jesus as her way to God. In accepting that Jeus Christ is the solitary way to God is trust in an exclusivist mode. Fitting to Rahner there is more than one way to make God. This would be the Inclusivist position. It acknowledges that Jesus is nevertheless simply one way to God, yet recognizes that there are others. Rahner arrangements of the powerful reclamation for individuals who live in God s beauty without the recognized rubric of Christian. The Inclusivist position is the thing that has prompted Karl Rahner s portrayal of the anon. Christian. Blending to Rahner it is non important to be a proclaimed Christian to work your way to God. In Pope John Paul II s visit to Mahatma Gandhi s grave The Pope put bloom petals on the grave and said that followings of different religions can be spared by Christ without being changed over. This gave some fame to Rahner s guarantee that any grown-up male who designs a confidence or acts blending to normal statute and is honored by God s elegance is an anon. Christian, regardless of whether he does non wish to recognize it. Gandhi was an ideal outline of this anon. Christian, in spite of the fact that he did non name himself a Christian by name he lived in a Christ like mode, followed his confidence reliably and practiced Christian mentalities to other peop le, in this manner populating in God s elegance. There is a quote in the Rahner Reader on Page 75 that best portrays the awareness used by Gandhi in being called an anon. Christian, The head of even the anon. Christian is raised to the heavenly request by the finesse of Christ, tenet is non carefully common action. The best of current tenet ought to be viewed as the self-impression of a head to which God has uncovered himself verifiably through his beauty. This quote portrayed the elegance given to Gandhi through his inner self cognizance and through his thought system that prompts his Christian like convictions. Albeit, again, non being a pronounced Christian, Gandhi, would be viewed as an anon. Christian as his convictions and life way carried him into the beauty of God. Of class, any individual can go an anon. Christian ; it depends on their convictions and their way of thought, and their heavenly recovery. In the event that a grown-up male s ground is what drives him closer to beautify so according to Rahner, The anon. Christian whether they know it or non, regardless of whether they recognize it from the obvious radiation of their regular ground or non are edified by the noticeable radiation of God s effortlessness which God denies no grown-up male. Bing a Christian is non a prerequisite to having God s elegance. Fitting to Rahner, God s effortlessness is detached to all work powers. Introduced in Rahner s Reader is a progress about exploring new grounds, Christ s message can in any case be heard. In spite of the fact that, the inhabitants may non get Christ or his assertion it does non mean that they are non populating in the beauty of God. The Western World, during it s wonderings into strange grounds while moving Christ s message, ever experiences a universe where Christ s elegance has for quite some time been grinding away despite the fact that non called by its ain name. ( Rahner 80 ) Basically what Rahner is expressing here is that no undertaking where we travel we can happen anon. Christians. He accepts that God s beauty is busy working in numerous terrains, topographic focuses where the occupants may non even have known about Jesus Christ or of God Himself. Rahner has a truly loosened head, in the exclusivist position the solitary way to God is through Christ. Rahner is model of the inclusivist position. I concur with Rahner that to be close God does non needfully mean that we should simply acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Lord and guardian angel. There are numerous individuals that carry on with a decent life, are Christian like in the entirety of their ways yet they do non love Jesus equivalent to Christians. Numerous individuals in numerous terrains are honored by God s beauty. A large number of the individuals of Israel, albeit Jewish, despite everything carry on with an actual existence that is graced by God. They ask, the display Christian like atitudes, Judaic individuals can populate an upright devout life and through reasonable insight accept that they are noble, and envision God expressing them that no undertaking how great of a real existence they lived they could non obtain into Eden or be granted the endowment of his beauty. This is the place Rahner s anon. Christian hypothesis accepts that despite the fact that they are non viewed as Christians, they despite everything can have God s elegance and love. To summarize Karl Rahner s spot of the anon. Christian, anybody can be an anon. Christian ; it only accepts the demonstration of life as a Christian and non the communicated revelation of being a Christian. Effortlessness exists by affecting a strict, individual significance, by being the divinizing status of the last mentioned, and consequently assumes and consolidates into itself the entire universe of this person as the status of its ain chance and makes it part of the elements o fits of rage ain cement being ( Rahner 75 ) At the end of the day effortlessness exists by the activities of individuals and the activities are a bit that makes up the entirety. Along these lines, it is the activities of the individuals that choose if they are deserving of God s beauty. The universe is brimming with anon. Christians. Some we may recognize by name, for example, Gandhi and others are the anon. faces we pass ordinary in the city. In any case, we are non ready to select them with the exception of by their activities in light of the fact that even their venerating or non adoring wonts can non help to choose those deserving of God s elegance.

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Effects of Television on Our Society Essay -- Media TV Essays Impact

Impacts of Television on Our Society Presentation Plato once, prophetically, suggested a conversation starter that alludes to the very center of this task. In philosophizing on the issue of amusement and its different, now and then faulty, sources he requested that his kindred residents think about the accompanying â€Å"Shall we just indiscreetly permit our youngsters to hear easygoing stories which might be contrived by easygoing people, and to get into their brains thoughts generally the extremely inverse of those which we should wish them to have when they are developed up?† Will we to be sure? It is a progressing banter. Plato clearly perceived the force stories need to shape who and what we are, and albeit some might be hesitant to admit to how much impact TV has on their character and practices, the proof is hard to disprove. First we should all recognize that what we, as individuals from a general public, decide to watch on TV influences us, as we are not just latent beneficiaries of the messages we experience on our TV screens; TV seeing isn't just an observer sport. We may feel like careless automatons as we sink ever more profound into our love seats and let ourselves be engaged by sitcoms, yet when we at long last draw ourselves up and off the sofa, we don't just leave the pictures and messages behind. They are presently a piece of; all that we have seen and heard turns into a piece of our recollections and shapes our impression of the real world, to what degree is doubtful. We are continually deciphering what we see and hear, even subliminally, and the sitcoms that have consistently penetrated our every day lives add to a mutual form of the real world. A culture depends on these common implications, and furnishes us with a focal point for understanding the world we live in. It is ou... ... (got to September 27, 2002) 17.The Cosby Show (2002) The Cosby Show Changes the Way Blacks are Viewed. September 2002. Accessible Online: (gotten to September 27, 2002) 18.The Globe and Mail (2001). The Sad, Cruel World of The Simpsons. Accessible on the web: (gotten to September 25, 2002) 19.Violence on Television. Accessible Online: October 31, 2002) 20.Violence Prevention. Accessible Online: (got to October 30, 2002) 21.Tucker, Ken. The Bernie Mac Show. Accessible Online:,6115,183488~3~0~berniemacshow,00.html (gotten to November 8, 2002)

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Democratic Senators Ask CFPB to Protect Consumers from Predatory Chattel Loans - OppLoans

Democratic Senators Ask CFPB to Protect Consumers from Predatory Chattel Loans - OppLoans Democratic Senators Ask CFPB to Protect Consumers from Predatory Chattel LoansInside Subprime: May 13, 2019By Lindsay FrankelA group of Democratic senators are requesting that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provide more transparency to consumers during the process of purchasing a manufactured home. Because manufactured home retailers aren’t required to share their lender affiliations with potential buyers, borrowers often end up getting pushed towards high-interest chattel loans, even if they are eligible for less costly alternatives.Senators Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), Kamala Harris (D-CA), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Patty Murray (D-WA), Tina Smith (D-MN), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Ron Wyden  (D-OR) expressed their concerns over predatory chattel loans in a letter to CFPB director Kathleen Kraninger.“Typically, the majority of consumers who have not actively sought to educate themselves prior to visiting a retailer wil l first learn about the process of financing, purchasing and owning their home from sales staff on a retail lot,” the letter reads. “These initial interactions have historically led to practices that steered buyers to higher-cost chattel loans offered by the financial affiliates of the retail company.”Almost 20 million Americans have homes in manufactured housing, and this type of home ownership is often popular with families earning less than $50,000 annually.Under the Obama administration, the bureau found that the majority of chattel loan borrowers were issued expensive loans, with about 68 percent of these loans considered “higher-priced mortgage loans,” compared to only three percent of loans for homes built on-site.What’s more, buyers had lower incomes on average and tended to be older and live in rural areas. Families living in manufactured housing had about one quarter of the median net worth of other types of households.As former director Richard Cordray pointed out at the time, “These consumers may be more financially vulnerable and benefit from strong consumer protections.” He added, “The Bureau is committed to ensuring that consumers have access to responsible credit in the manufactured housing market.”The letter to Kraninger urges the CFPB to require that manufactured housing retailers disclose connections with lenders when issuing a referral and provide information on alternative financing choices. “We urge the CFPB to work with consumer advocates to design and implement an appropriate disclosure form that ensures manufactured home buyers understand their options and are not steered into high-cost loans,” the Senators wrote.The CFPB under the Trump administration has been repeatedly criticized for undermining the agency’s intended mission by rolling back consumer protections. Democrats have denounced the bureau’s lack of enforcement actions against student loan providers and the agency’s decision to halt examinations for violations of the Military Lending Act. The bureau also announced that it would rescind critical portions of an Obama-era rule governing payday  loans, which consumer advocates say leaves Americans vulnerable to high-cost, predatory lending.Learn more about payday loans, scams, and cash advances by  checking out our city and state financial guides, including Florida,  Illinois, Chicago, Ohio, Texas and more.Visit  OppLoans  on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIn

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Comparing Ray and Charles Eames with Ron Arad Free Essay Example, 1250 words

The two artists chosen compares in many ways. Ron Arad designs were mainly based on the post-industrial nature of designs. Ron also is still seen to be active in the design industry, unlike his counterparts who are no longer practicing in the design industry. Ron s furniture was mainly made of steel, carbon fiber and glass. The materials made for his furniture are mainly waterproof owing to the nature of materials that have been used in designing them which are polyurethane and also polyester fiber. His furniture has the characteristic of being portable in nature while maintaining their colors since they are waterproof, hence no fading of colors takes place in his furniture. Ray and Charles Eames have their furniture mainly made of organic materials. Their home furnishings mainly come from plywood materials. Ray and Charles Eames unlike Ron are not practicing currently their designing and architecture. They were industrial and graphic designers and also ventured into fine art and fi lm. Therefore, they have a more varied nature of practicing design and architecture when compared to Ron. They had many works based on photography unlike Ron and designed many houses including their own house. We will write a custom essay sample on Comparing Ray and Charles Eames with Ron Arad or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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Marketing Research Tools Paper - 1080 Words

Research Methodologies Many companies use different research tools when conducting primary and secondary research. This paper will discuss the several research tools used and discuss the differences in primary and secondary research when using qualitative and quantitative approaches. Once that has been established, there will be discussion as to which tools are used for each approach and why. Primary Research Primary research also called field research is the most common approach. Primary research is surveys, which can include questionnaires and observation methods. These survey methods include by mail, telephone, e-mail and personal interviews. Questionnaires for research purposes are composed of questions that structured for†¦show more content†¦Looking at exhibit 5.1 below (Mc Daniel Jr., Gates, 2007) this is another example of Qualitative versus Quantitative research one can see that the types of questions qualitative research is based on probing to a small sample size and the information that is being gathered is substantial. Quantitative is limited probing and the sample size are large and the information that is gathered varies. Requirements for administration for qualitative is an interviewer with special skills and the analysis is subjective and interpretive. Hardware is tape recorders, projection devices, video recorders, pictures etc. Qualitative rese arch requires interviewer with fewer special skills or not interviewer and the analysis is statistical, summation. The hardware is questionnaires, computers and printouts. The degree of replicability for qualitative is low, and for quantitative is high. Researcher training for qualitative is psychology, sociology, consumer behavior etc and quantitative research is more statistical, decision support systems, computer programming etc. Type of research for qualitative is exploratory and quantitative is descriptive or casual (Mc Daniel Jr., Gates, 2007) [pic] * Exhibit 5.1 obtained from (Mc Daniel Jr., Gates, 2007) Tools Used For Each Approach Qualitative approaches consist of focus groups, ethnographic research and in-depth interviews. Focus groups allowShow MoreRelatedMarketing and Market Research1746 Words   |  7 Pages |Marketing Research | Copyright  © 2010, 2008, 2005, 2002, 2001 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Course Description This course covers basic research methodology applied to marketing issues. Students study methods and techniques for collection, analysis, and interpretation of primary and secondary data for customer and business marketing. Policies Faculty and students/learnersRead MoreTesco Boston Matrix and Ansoff Matrix1156 Words   |  5 PagesAccess to Business Unit Title: Marketing - Level 3 Credit Value: 6 credits Tutor: Alison Unwin Unit Code: 3-BA1-045 Email: This unit has 4 learning outcomes. LEARNING OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT CRITERIA PROPOSED ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE (TBC) Assessment Evidence Answer paper The Learner should be able to: 1. Establish the importance of the marketing environment The Learner can: 1.1 Analyses the difference between micro and macro environmental factors 1.2 Compare and contrastRead MorePossible Topics for Marketing Paper1682 Words   |  7 PagesPossible Topics for Marketing Paper Identifying good topic  for marketing paper  is a challenging task even for a qualified and professional academic writer. Its not a secret that your topic should correspond to specific class or subject. For instance, â€Å"Marketing mix of Google† can be a good topic for a marketing paper prepared for â€Å"Introduction to Marketing† class. However, such kind of a topic for a marketing paper is not relevant to such classes as â€Å"International Marketing† or â€Å"Marketing Management†.Read MoreHow Do Wechat Affect Consumer Purchasing Behaviour On Beauty Products1100 Words   |  5 Pagesspend more and more time going online. Many daily activities shifted to online, for example, online shopping, communicate with friends or relatives via social media or messaging app, share feelings and thoughts on social media platforms etc. In this paper, the aim is to investigate how do WeChat affect the consumer purchasing behaviour on beauty products in China. In 2013, China surpassed US to become the biggest e-commerce market in the world since 2013, ( MoreMulticollinearity in Customer Satisfaction: Design and Production1223 Words   |  5 PagesWhitePaper Multicollinearity in Customer Satisfaction Research Jay L.Weiner, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing Sciences Jane Tang Vice President, Marketing Sciences Editorial Board Leigh Admirand Julie Busch Tim Keiningham Design and Production Roland Clifford Barbara Day About Ipsos Loyalty Ipsos Loyalty is a global, specialized practice dedicated to helping companies improve business performance through customer satisfaction management, customer relationship managementRead MoreMarketing Research Tools Essay1310 Words   |  6 PagesMarketing Research Tools Once a decision is made to use marketing research, management goals and objectives determine the type of selection methods used. There are a wide range of market research tools and methods available to decision makers. Depending on the goals and objectives of the company, researchers have many options. Some of the research tools include mail and web surveys, personal interviews, and focus groups. This paper will discuss and differentiate among the various tools used in primaryRead MoreIs Personalized Marketing The Future Of Customer Product1680 Words   |  7 PagesIs personalized marketing the future of customer product strategy to improve customer loyalty for big brands? 1. Introduction There is no doubt that the customer is king because without customer, there is no business. Today, brand can easily attract or lose customers. With the increasing number of social platform and numbers of creating account, customers’ voices are raised among social media, web sites or forum. In fact, we can observe that, nowadays, customers don’t hesitate to question brandsRead MoreEco-Label1336 Words   |  6 PagesAbstracts Purpose – The objective of this paper is to determine the impact of consumer behavior through the eco-label products of marketing. Methodology – This paper reviews consumer behavior and advertising to identify how consumers are persuaded to greener product label. The information are collected through journal reading, and searching from website. Keywords – Consumer behavior, green advertising, environmental Paper type – Conceptual paper Introduction Eco-labeling schemes provideRead MoreThe Impact Of Marketing On The Marketing Sector Upon Graduation1498 Words   |  6 PagesIn my current degree I have found the Marketing module most interesting, it explores the role of marketing in current economic trend and how it could be a crucial factor in regard of consumer spending. Developing plans and strategies for marketing has been more challenging than ever, I find the social media marketing particularly interesting as people spend many hours on social media platform; the mechanics involved can provide a in depth explanation as to the consumer culture and spending trendRead MoreMarketing Research Essay1031 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to the American Marketing Association: Marketing research is the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information—information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process. Marketing research specifies the information required to address these issues, designs the method for collecting information

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Occupy Wall Street Movement Essay - 1449 Words

Occupy Wall Street Movement If heavy student loan debt , soaring tuition fee, climbing taxes, plummeting financial aid, nose-diving employment opportunities, exacerbating inequality between common people and wealthy class, are some of the issues that infuriate you and lead you to blame government’s generous bailing out failed banks and other financial institutions then you cannot not know about Occupy Wall Street(OWS) movement. List all information you know about your subject Occupy Wall Street is one of the top 10 US protest movements inspired by popular revolts against authority in Egypt and Tunisia which finally led to toppling of their respective presidents. It began on 17th September 2011 in liberty square in Manhattan’s†¦show more content†¦The modus operandi of this movement is more directed towards direct action, as opposed to taking course of petitioning to authorities’ in other similar movements. The drivers of the movement claim to bring about a revolution through this movement across the globe. However, is the OWS movement actually qualifies to be called catalyst in bringing about the much hyped word ‘the revolution’? In my opinion: ‘NO’. OWS is compelling enough to initiate a dialogue or a discussion about the current state or to let the authority know that citizens are not complacent. Other than that, with no leader, no clear agenda and, no institutional support , I do not see this movement being effective enough in bringing about the so called ‘revolution’. There are three key reasons which lead me to reach this assessment. Firstly, OWS does not recognize the need of leadership. According to the protesters the leadership will result in hierarchy which means inequality. What they fail to understand is that for a movement to have structure, direction and a clear message, it is ok to have a hierarchy, which naturally comes with leadership.(Barnac, The failure of Occupy Wall Street, Jan 2012) Barnac reminds that the success of CivilShow MoreRelatedOccupy Wall Street Movement1039 Words   |  5 PagesOccupy Wall Street Movement Moral and Ethical Implications Occupy Wall Street Movement Moral and Ethical Implications The Occupy Wall Street Movement that started in September 2011 in Liberty Square in the Finical District was movement organized by people to expose corruptions in cooperate America. The Occupy Wall Street Movement was known, as the peaceful protest due to it’s non-violent, non-aggressive nature and spread to over a one hundred and fifty cities crossRead MoreThe Occupy Wall Street Movement1625 Words   |  7 PagesStarted on September 17, 2011, the Occupy Wall Street Movement began in the Financial District of New York City and has received resonance in other American cities as well as to 82 other countries. Concentrating on how the current economic system has affected peoples’ lives, the movement raised issues about the lack in democracy of the financial system, social and economic inequality, and the connection between financial and political power. The income inequality between the rich and the poor wasRead MoreOccupy Wall Street Movement1612 Words   |  7 P agesOccupy Wall Street Movement Business Ethics 309 Discuss the moral and economic implications involved in the movement. September 17, 2011 is the day the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement began in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City. The main issues include social and economic inequality, greed, corruption and the undue influence of corporations on government according to The New York Times. The mix of moral foundations based on ideas from the anthropologist Richard Shweder, outline sixRead MoreThe Occupy Wall Street Movement1982 Words   |  8 PagesThe Occupy Movement is an international activist movement that fosters social and economic change and originated from the actions of the Occupy Wall Street movement (source #7). The focus is on the Occupy Wall Street movement that was launched on September 17th 2011 and was catalysed by Adbusters activist Micah White. White created a web page about the corruption that was happening surrounding the financial crisis in the United States leading to the most recent recession. Large corporations basedRead MoreThe Occupy Wall Street Movement Essay1049 Wor ds   |  5 Pages Occupy Wall Street has been called many things including: unfocused, ungrounded, and silly. Others coin it as â€Å"America’s first internet-era movement† (Rushkoff). In quintessence, Occupy Wall Street is a series of protests and demonstrations that oppose the influence that corporate greed has on American Democracy. The protestors manipulate marches and nonviolent demonstrations to express their dissatisfaction with the state of American Politics and economy. This relates to the political scienceRead MoreEssay on Occupy Wall Street Movement928 Words   |  4 PagesThe Occupy Wall Street Movement that began in New York Sept. 17 and has since spread like wildfire across the world has made an undeniable impact on the social and political climate of the Upper Midwest. | With various Occupy protest committees continuing to spring up across Minnesota and North Dakota, many working people in the region who, previously, might not have come together on other political issues say they have found common ground in the Occupy Movement. Union, non-union, white collarRead MoreEssay about Occupy Wall Street Movement1817 Words   |  8 Pageshead: OCCUPY WALL STREET Assignment #1 Occupy Wall Street Movement Brenda Bryant Dr. Obi. Iwuanyanwu BUS309 Business Ethics October 5, 2012 Discuss the moral and economic implications involved in the movement. The Occupy movement was a protest that gathered local organizers, students, and activists in response to the economic disparity of countries around the world. The protest gained momentum after a continuous series of protests took place in Zuccotti Park in New York Citys Wall StreetRead MoreThe Occupy Wall Street Movement and Ensuing Controversy Essay2019 Words   |  9 Pagesin Zuccotti Park, New York which is Wall Street’s financial district under the banner â€Å"Occupy Wall Street†: these three simple words are causing an uproar in America (Engler). Additionally, these three words happen to be protesting the current status of America’s financial condition. With the economy in America being as terrible as it is, and the unemployment rate skyrocketing, it is absolutely necessary for some sort of change to occur. The Occupy Wall Street protesting is most positively a progressiveRead More How the Media Portrays the Occupy Wall Street Movement1000 Words   |  4 Pagesof laws, to grass roots campaigns such as Occupy Wall Street. The Occupy Wall Street campaign has been portrayed negatively by the mainstream media outlets. Newspapers, radio, television, and the internet have painted the movement with offensive undertones, reporting the lows of the movement rather than the revolutionary aspects of the movement. A possible reason that the media has consistently framed this movement in a negative manner is that the movement is operating against the forces of societyRead MoreOccupy Wall Street: Positive Impact of the Protest Movement in USA1235 Words   |  5 PagesOccupy Wall Street Occupy wall Street is a protest movement in the United States of America which began on September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, located in New York Citys wall street financial district. This group was initiated by a Canadian activist and it has led to occupy protests and movements around the world. The Occupy Wall Street movement began as a collective expression due to the current economic conditions in the United States of America. Occupy Wall Street has a slogan which is We

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Develop a Plan for Famous Financial Corporation Computer Investigatio

Question: Describe about the Develop a Plan for Famous Financial Corporation? Answer: Introduction Computer forensics is known as the branch of science which deals with the investigation of digital devices which is very much related to the computer crime. The digital forensics is also known as the computer forensics that has now become to extension of all devices that are capable of pile up the data (Bauchner, 2006). With amount of rise in the cyber crimes in US and European nations, most of the nations has build a special task force called the digital forensic investigations team that take part in the investigating the criminal law against those who are violates their civil rights of using the computer. The study will focus on the famous financial corporation whose has been failing to track the unauthorized the money transfer to recipients. Apart from that, the study also focuses on the specific digital forensic investigations (Clarke, 2010). Here, the famous financial company is being unauthorized funds is being shifted in the sales department who is not informed any of the department. This problem is caused by computer hacking and breaching firewall system of financial company (Easttom Taylor, 2011). However, lack of the information about the unknown recipient is one of the major problems for the company. Since, as an head of information protection department of famous corporation, the duty to find the department where the fund has been transferred (Hoog McCash, 2011). It is one of the major responsibility which is given by the senior VP HR manager of the company. Digital forensic investigations In order to catch a unwanted recipient who is doing the unauthorized cash transaction from the one department another, in this case sales department. Therefore as the head of information protection department (IPD), with use of several tools and techniques from the various sources would help the investigation more in depth which will give an insight of the cyber thief who is creating problem for the company (Prosise Mandia, 2003). As a head of the company, using the existing personnel to engage in the process of finding the actual recipient who has been breaching the secured robust firewall system of the company is initial step. Digital forensic technician: One of the major works of the digital forensic technician is to gather the information and proof from the area of crime scene. The technician will take every code or breaching code used by the unauthorized recipient along with other samples (Shinder Tittel, 2002). Technician will be carrying out live investigation of the data with help of various tool such as Microsoft COFEE. Apart from that, the technician will also use the various hard drive and also track down the IP address in order to check where the exact location of cyber thief. Besides that, digital media instrument will help the technician to collect the data of crime which will help in further investigations (Vacca, 2005). Digital verification inspector: Digital forensic investigator is very much has expertise in the field of collecting the digital evidence. In the broader sense the evidence officer will be using his computer forensic to find out the exact breach of password for the company (Vacca Rudolph, 2011). Apart from that, the evidence examiner wil also be taking finger prints of the employees and managers along with DNA evidence in order to check the last server user. One of the major principles of the digital verification is that every information is written in binary units 1and 0 that can be saved to break the code or softwares. In order to finding this type of saved instruction, mainframe computer will be needed to be investigate as an evidence (Hatch, 2008). There has been several computer fraudulent has been happened since 1970s for instance, Flagler dog track in Florida, USA has innovated the print fake winning tickets. This has created a new law called the computer crime act which is based on the unauthorized used of the computer crime. Digital evidence as per the examiner will be identified in the computer hard drive and other apparatus of computer. This will also includes the thumb drives and the other removable drives like pen drive or the CD ROM etc (Sarkar, 2013). Strategy for conducting the investigation The digital investigation would be conducted on the digital forensic investigations irrespective of the internal manpower fraudulent case or inspecting the access to server who is stealing the money their own department. Some of the major strategy used by the IPD during the time of their investigation are given below: Data collection strategy Taking charge of full evidence: One of the major first step is to taking the charge of the entire crime scene by seizing all of the evidence. With the help of consulting with technician ask him/her to take the required peripheral from the scene. Take permission from the manager before seizing the evidence (Thakkar, 2010). Entire suspect and witness must be removed near evidences. Entire information regarding the LAN including the passwords, operating system email address must be gather as the information required for further investigations. Handling of the evidence: While reaching at the scene seek as the evidence is it is for instance of the computer is in the turn on then dont turn off the computer. If the computer is being turn off then while turning it on then read the and save the encryptions software installed on the mainframe of the computer (Tipton Krause, 2012). While doing the forensic methods to collect the encrypted data before shutting down the PC then analyses the power needed for the device with its existing memory system and follow the protocols or norms while handling these devices as an evidence. After that, taking photo graph of the computer and its area and make the videos of the computer connections environment. Note down the pre loss of the damage of the any kind of evidence. Cut the Computer network: Make the computer standalone by disconnecting the entire power sources and along with that if there is laptop then remove the battery. Fixing of the power plug connector on the flipside of the device will help analyse the last used IP address (Al Ameen et al. 2013). Apart from that, remove every kind of wire from the computer and place the tape of evidence over the power plug in the reverse side of the computer in order to identify the file sharing process during the 4 days by the computers or by any of the network. Network server of the computer must be taken into consideration to capture the volatile data for the company. As given most of the TV services, the forensic evidence must be taken consideration before going for the final check. Every set of evidence must be protected as set of evidence in future. With the help of appropriate way of packaging of evidence via practice bags, or paper bag, sealed the computer peripherals from connected rot the power (Antoniou et al. 2008). Peripheral with volatile memory must be kept packaged appropriately to maintain with safety and precautions. Lastly, quintessentially logistics of the digital evidence must be kept safely in order to prevent it from any kind of damages or the from the magnetic products or from the fire etc in order secure the required the data safely. Equipment arrangements: Coming at this phase, devices are used to collect the data from the hardware and softwares for the forensic imaging or analysis based on the evidence collected. Devices must be reviewed and documented to make sure that proper performance is maintained (Ballou Gilliland, 2011). Only those devices will be employed that are helpful for operating at the crime scene. With the help of various software system the investigation can be completed some of the major devices for investigations are given below : SANS SIFT: It is one of the major forensic technology kit which based on the live streaming of CD that includes entire tools and is necessary at the time of conducting the investigations. The software is very much compromises of the Witness format and advanced forensic format and RAW verifications format (Brueckner et al. 2008). This help to use the documentations on the desktop to help to become accustomed to what are those tools that are used on behalf of them. Volatility: It is one of the major forensics memory structure for the incident response of the unauthorized the hacking of the codes which helps to identify the codes which is majorly dump by RAM. Volatility helps to execute the version of windows and check the folder to malware of the password hacking to know the exact place of from where the code is coming from. Forensic imaging strategies: Here the team would be using the document is used based on the present condition of evidence. While doing the prevention must be taken to less exposure of the proof because of the problem of the contaminations from the hazardous chemical or the fire. Some of the ethical code of conduct must be maintained while examining the forensic evidence which is to following the honesty and integrity while investigations of the evidence within their packaging (Casey, 2013). Lack proper packaging of the any kind of evidence can creates problem for the examiner in future. Moreover, some of the peripheral like hardware and software write blockers are being used to prevent the evidence from being destroyed or being modified. Apart from that, forensic images must be captured of hard ware and softwares which is capable of bit stream images of original media (Guo Slay, 2010). The digital form of the evidence must be examined or maintained via data is preserved. Forensic images must be kept in the archive to maintain the future reference in case of another un-authorization for the hacking the firewall system of the famous, financial company. Build extractor: It is one of the major device which scan the disc image, file and or dig out the information such as the email address of the unauthorized person, IP address and URL of the hacker which will help the department to understand the actual series of information that has been used by the companies (Kenneally, 2005). The extracted information will be in the high encryption code which will be in the form of binary numbers. Forensic analysis strategy: It is one of the major methods of the documentation that is provided to determine the actual method of procedure that is needed to finish the part of the investigations and determine legal authority that includes examinations. Some of the major examples for the authority been consent are taken by the manager of the company, or the directive given by the board of the directors or by the third party by warrant (Lim et al. 2012). Consideration must be taken before commencing the investigation in order make them understand the need of the of information. An investigation most be based on the examiner and the requestor along with that investigation also must be conducted on the basis of the original proof and investigations to image files (Nogueira Celestino Jnior, 2009). With the help of appropriate form of control and standard during the time of investigations would help the IPD to solve the problem and submits the report on the basis of logical and systematically. Figure 1: Framework of digital forensic investigations (Source: Schmitknecht, 2004, pp-178) Documentations: After doing all of the above strategy, a document is formed that will includes: -Print copy of permission gained by the manager and owner of the company -Sequence of detention and seizing of peripherals (Sealey, 2004). -Total evidence must be counted -Information about the packaging and receipt and the total returning materials (Spruill Pavan, 2007). -description of evidence and -Communication about the culprit and case history The dements must be able to answer the question regarding the original theft , the culprit and expertise in the areas of making the security firewall system more strong softwares etc. the document must have contained the. Reports submissions: While submitting the reports some of the major examination of the reporters must be take care in order to maintain the protocol of the company information. The report must be comprises of various information regarding the reason of failure of the security system and the unauthorized people who has breaching the code or the password of the company to conduct burglary (Thompson, 2005).. -The report must contain the reason for the breaching the current firewall system . -The report must be continued or issued to address the requestor needs. -The report will give insight information in a very much clear and concise manner (V.Kayarkar, Ricchariaya Motwani, 2014). Forensic investigating steps for collecting the data NYPD (New York police department) forensic team will be handling the process of the collecting the information in order to catch the real culprit who has been transferring the money from one department to another without consent of the manager (Yusoff, Ismail Hassan, 2011). Since, the famous financial corporations is been facing the loss of the fund from one department to another , therefore the company I has hired the IPD and NYPD to collect the data for professional purpose. The data will be collected from the computer and its network will be based on the internal drives the accept media such as CD or pen drive along with USB along with memory card (,. 2015). These external storage system is been used to hack the funding process without un-authorizing from the company. Apart from that, there has been other possible data which can be gained via various sources of data that is attached to the devices. One of the major sources of informations would be coming from the network programming like LAN and, WAN or WiFi etc. The data collected must be aware of the organizational policy and as well legal authority of their power while collecting the data (Yusoff, Ismail Hassan, 2011). Besides that, the situation of collecting the data can be even more complicated if the company location of the network is outside the organizations but since the incident is been take place within the departments (Finance to sales) shows that , collecting the data from one PC to another is one of the most difficult task. As per argument against the fourth amendment , computer can be used by various person even though it is an organization. Computer files and the fourth amendment does not specifically is been used in the cyber caf or the any other IP address . Since, the crime has occurred with the organizations, it will very easy for the examiner and the NYPD forensic department to collect the data (Ballou Gilliland, 2011). However, for NYPD entrance a warrant will be required in order to seize the computer. In spite of that, collection of data will be possible because the increase of emergency the fourth amendment gives the exceptions. Under the fourth amendment, forensic of NYPD will get free reign at looking of the computers files without the warrant from the court (Brueckner et al. 2008). Some of the major steps in the data collection are given below: The data can be acquired from the sources via three step process. Developing a plan to acquire data, acquire data and verification of the reliability of data a.Planning to collect the data: While making the plan, it is very much important to identify the sources of data information. The examiner can identify the data as per their priority and need for the investigations. Some of the major important factors are given below: Likely value: It is based on the understanding of the current situation of the problems and also based on the previous department (Casey, 2013). The examiner of the data must collect the data which relatively likely data sources. Volatility: Volatility of data here is based on the live system which is has been damage during the time of computer power off. Acquiring of the volatile data must be given major priority that the non volatile data (Guo Slay, 2010). Non volatile data of famous financial corporation would be helpful to analyses exact happenings. Efficiency needed : One of the major efficacy is been required to acquire of the data is time and at this stage time is money for the company. The time spent in equipment to take out the volatile and non volatile information along with new router takes longer time to capture the information (Kenneally, 2005). b.Data acquiring: The NYPD and IPD must look to acquire the data via various security tools like DRS or other forms of securing the data. Forensics can use their power of fourth amendment to use the forensic tool to collect the volatile and non volatile data by various sources. Data can be acquired via local method or over network (Lim et al. 2012). While acquisition of data over network , the judgment must be made as per the necessity of data and the attempt given on finding that. c.Verifying the reliability of the data: After the acquisition of data , it relevancy of the data is must be analysed. This is because the examiner and forensic analyst must confirm or sure that data is not been tampered (Nogueira Celestino Jnior, 2009). Data integrity very much suggest that, it consist of the several tools and copy the data from original digest data with the copied data. While doing so, several other steps must be taken into account to go detail investigations of the data which will show the information about the each tool discussed. The collected evidence must be well photographed and to show the visa evidence and monitor the entire information which will give direct access to the informations (Schmitknecht, 2004). For instance, if the computer on then it must be password protected in order to assess the actual information which will help the investigator for future reference. Formulation of plan for improving the weak security measures Make connection to secure network: One of the major step that should be taken by the famous financial company is to connect the serve in the most secured network. While connect with the LAN or the router, company should look to consult with company to access the best sure network. The configuration of the wireless network must be WPA 2-AES encryptions in order to maintain the data confidentiality (Sealey, 2004). Apart from that, company also should look to change their default username and password to manage the publications. Moreover, conduct MAC to filter the address while engaging the wireless SSID for instance, Small office /Home Office Router security. Build a strong firewall system: Building the strong and robust firewall system in order to manage and control the malware. Besides that, in order to build the strong firewall system ,company should look to use the high configuring firewall system like AsK5 , Cisco and Windows firewall system are some of the most secured firewall network within the system (Spruill Pavan, 2007). Moreover, building the firewall system and conducting the strong password arrangement which is only known by the managers of the company is one of the major way to stop the funds transfer without consent of the organizations. Training the existing employees: Check the employees background and train them enough to work as per company objectives. In order to improve reduce the theft and burglary from one department to another, company need to make strict policy and procedure. The strict policy and procedure of caught for guilty then as per the fourth amendment norms, employee will fired and sentenced for more than 15 years. With the help of setting of ethical code of conduct for personal use of internet will be punished by the company. The procedure will helps the company preserve from the misuses of the internet access (Thompson, 2005). Limited use of the professional access to the employee will give the company enough scope to create the fear in the employee of misusing of the internet within the organsiations (V.Kayarkar, Ricchariaya Motwani, 2014). In fact impact of fourth amendment will give the NYPD and other forensic department to search the computer without any kind of warrant. Conclusion From the above, informations, it has been found that, Famous financial company is been facing illegal transfer of money from one department to another without any kind of consent is been one of the major issue for the company. With the help of the help of forensic investigation of computer and network the company will be able to know the exact place the amount has been transferred. With the help of various process like seizing of data , handling of evidence of the data and standalone data helps the company analyze the actual process of the infestations. The process of investigation has given enough evidence that the amount has been gone to the sales department of the FFC. Apart from that, another major method collection of data like identifying of the possible sources of data , acquiring the data and relevancy of data is required to understand the actual data process. Most of all the investigation would be completed with NYPD with legal actions via fourth amendment policy. The fourth amendment is one of the major legal activities which suggest that, in case of emergency the NYPD forensic can check the computer or file or another other things without any kind of warrant. 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